Microkini Swimwear

Microkini swimwear has a unique capacity of making you feel hot and gorgeous.  But if you are not up to this kind of dare because of its skimpy design and use of as little fabric as possible, then you might as well check out other styles.  These can still make you a sizzling beach babe along the shore.  Bikinis are generally made for two purposes: to allow women to flaunt their beautiful skin and body, and to allow them to have perfect tanning when sunbathing by the beach.  That is why if you choose and use them properly, you would definitely find a type that suits your needs and preferences best.

The classic

Let us start off with the classic: the string bikini.  Of all types, this particular sexy bathing suit is by far one of the most common and most classic.  Yet, it continues to be just as popular as it was when it first appeared in Brazilian beaches a couple of decades ago.  These two-piece sets are each made of four small pieces of triangular fabric held together by a couple of strings tied around the neck, at the back, and on the sides of hips to hold the pieces of fabric in place.  They are intended to cover the breasts, the crotch, and the buttocks come in different colors and designs so whatever your skin tone is, there would definitely be one that is perfect for your figure.

The band-like contoured design

If you do not think string bikinis are for you, you can go for the bandeau style.  This popular swimsuit is composed of a regular bikini bottom and a tube type top (bandeau).  The bands can come with or without straps, but they are usually made of materials that allow for strong hold on the chest or the busts so they will not fall off even without straps.

Other styles

You can also go for halter top styles if you are not into those with strings or countoured bands.  Like the other two types, halter tops also look hot and fabulous on women’s beautiful anatomy.  They also work well on ladies with larger busts since their fabrics that tie around the neck provide ample bust support.

If you really feel like being modest and conservative but still want to wear a two-piece swimsuit, then a tankini might just be the right swimwear for you.  This consists of a regular bottom and a tight-fitting tank top.  It provides covering and support for your abdominal area.