Micro Thong Swimwear

Stylish and daring: those are probably two of the best words to describe the micro thong swimwear.  Making use of small pieces of fabric to cover areas that have to be covered while allowing everything else exposed to the sun and to the naked eye, this type of swimwear still gets the same appeal and popularity that it got when it first appeared in Brazilian beaches in the 1970s.

The sexy bottom pieces

What best characterizes these figure-flattering bathing suits is the rear part of the bikini bottoms.  Thong bottoms are known for allowing butt exposure by having only a thin strip of fabric or elastic material to cover the butt crack or the area between the butt cheeks.  This very thin strip is referred to as the butt floss.

The front part of this particular type of beachwear comes in different styles and kinds, varying not only in design and color, but also in the degree of exposure.  You can choose between having full frontal or crotch coverage, moderate coverage, or minimal coverage.  Usually, the front and rear parts of the bottoms of the two-piece set are connected and held in place by strings or thin strips of elastic fabric or any other material.

The skin-baring tops

Tops of these skimpy swimsuits come in various styles so you can have fun choosing.  There are micro string bikini types, halter, and even bandeau styles.  Those styles that employ strings are the most common and the most popular.  The upper part of these bathing suits are made of small pieces of triangular material intended to cover the breasts.  The pieces of fabric are held in place by strings which can be tied at the back and around the neck.  Because they are simply tied, they can be adjusted to be able to fit you better.  However, this type works best on women whose busts do not need much support.  Those with larger busts are better off with halter tops.

Halter tops make use of more material than those that use strings, thus providing better breast support.  They make use of straps that can be tied around the neck.  Also, there are bandeau or tube type tops if you prefer strapless ones.  They are made of materials that allow strong hold so they would not fall off.  For those who need more support but still want the bandeau design, there are bandeau tops that come with straps and underwire that provide better support.