Micro Bikini Swimwear

Wearing micro bikini swimwear requires a lot of confidence, first of all.  This type of beachwear covers vital areas of the body with as little fabric as possible, leaving the rest uncovered.  With the kind of exposure that this type of swimwear allows its wearer to have, it is worth keeping these reminders and tips in mind so as to make sure that you look and feel your best in your micro bathing suit.

The right size

First, be sure to choose one with the right size.  The bottom of the two-piece ensemble must fit perfectly without falling down your hips.  Also, your top must provide enough support for your bust.  If your bust needs more support, you can opt for halter tops or other bikini tops with supporting underwire to better hold your busts up.  If not, those designs that employ strings would definitely work great on you.  If you want adjustable beachwear, string two-piece bathing suits would do the trick.  The two pieces of this beachwear can be adjusted by retying the strings around your neck, at your back, and on the sides of your hips.  If you intend to do a lot of swimming, opt for athletic type beach apparel.

The flattering designs and styles

Take time choosing the color and design of your beachwear.  Some colors and designs suit you better than the others.  For example, if you have tanned or dark skin, go for those with lighter colors.  However, if you have fair skin, warmer or darker colors would look great on you.  When it comes to designs you can ask for advices from your friends or from the staff of the swimwear shop you are in.  You can also consult fashion magazines and online articles to have ideas on the hottest must-haves for the season.

Of course, before strolling along the beach in your micro swimsuits, make sure that you have already gotten rid of unsightly hair in your body.  Having them could be a major turn off even if you’ve got flawless skin and figure.  You can get wax treatment from your favorite salon or spa, but you can also do it on your own by buying your own home waxing kit.  After that, try your micro bikini on and check yourself out in the mirror to see if it fits you well from all sides.  You would not want awkward areas when you are not feeling all hot and sexy, would you?

Finally, have fun with it.  Wear your bikini with pride and confidence and make sure you are comfortable because that is what is most important.