Brazilian Swimwear

Been feeling like Life and your bikini are creeping up on you lately? Well I have and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t slow down life. The creeping bikini, well, we’ll get to that in a minute. I woke up the other day, as I do most days before noon, and I looked in the mirror bleary-eyed over my second cup of coffee and screamed, “who the hell IS that!” When I wiped up the spilled coffee I took a good long look at myself and realized that, holy crap, time has just flown by. One day you’re sitting on the beach drinking Pina Colada’s with your friends from college and then, POW, you wake up, look in the mirror, spill coffee all over your favorite 80’s hair band t-shirt and ask yourself what the hell happened.

When WAS the last time I actually sat on the beach and enjoyed the sun, listened to the sounds of the seagulls, the waves crashing into shore, the kids laughing and the smell of coconut oil. When you’re that teenager you think you have all the time in the world. That you will always have the weekends to hang with your friends on the beach. Even when you graduate from school, get jobs, even marry and have children. There will always be time for relaxing at the beach, right? Big sigh here.

This is where life whups you upside the head. You wake up one day and realize that so many other little things have gotten in the way of taking the time to just drive to the beach and chill out for a couple hours. It’s not even about the job, the family, the other priorities of getting your kids to practices, school, going to meetings and such. It’s even when, on the rare occasion, that you have an hour or, heaven forbid, an afternoon to yourself you don’t go. Why is that? It’s not because I don’t like the beach, I love it. It’s the reason that I moved here from the cold frozen tundra that is the north all those years ago. I love the feel of the sun on my skin, being able to lie on the warm sand with just the wind in my hair and the sounds and smells of the ocean wafting over me. Not to mention the eye candy if I’m lucky enough to find a spot within view of a friendly little game of competitive men’s volleyball going on. Hey, I may be old, but I’m not dead!

Which brings us to the bikini…

I say to myself, self, dig in that closet and whip out your suit! We’re hitting the beach today. Now, keep in mind here that I like to think that I don’t look THAT different than I did in high school. HAHAHA (she says before she puts her suit on). Did I say “creeping up bikini?” Well, let’s just say, it’s time to do some shopping.

When I was younger there were maybe 3 different styles of swim wear. A one-piece, a two-piece and what I called “the tent” for my granny. Have you seen the number of suits out there these days?? Holy cow, that’s a week’s work just looking at them all, let along trying them all on. However, that’s just what I did. I tried on every blasted suit that’s ever been made and although I’m no teenager anymore I’ve determined that the Brazilian swimwear is the ONE. I’ll tell you why, you want to know why, right? For starters, it’s not granny’s tent. More importantly, Brazilian swimwear embodies a style that is what all swimwear strive to be. Not all suits have the unique fit of Brazilian swimwear. Whether it be a medium coverage bikini bottom, a tie-side low coverage bottom, the boy short or the micro coverage bikini, there’s a style for any body shape. Brazilian tops are typically a triangle cut that is very adjustable or even a halter for more coverage. Of course, if there’s too little coverage or you just don’t want to soak up that much sun you can always call granny. I’m off to the beach! ;]