Micro Swimwear

You probably wonder how micro swimwear came about.  I also marvel about that myself.  I used to wonder what the point of wearing something as tiny as this kind of bathing suit is, when it covers almost nothing and bares almost everything.  I wondered what brought up the idea of using very small pieces of fabric at the beach, so I tried to do a little research.

The history of this swimsuit

Years before the introduction of bikinis to the swimming public, women went to beaches either in nude or in one piece bathing suits.  Those who prefer to go nude go to beaches that allow this kind of adventurous swimming.  Others, however, go swimming, strolling and sunbathing in one piece swimwear.  Some of them even had sleeves, some extended several inches below the hip bone, while others had skirts or shorts.  I remember Esther Williams and Paulette Goddard looked fabulous in those types of swimwear.

But in the 1940s, Louis Reard, a French engineer, marked a turning point in beach fashion history.  By the end of World War II in 1946, Reard developed a two-piece swimsuit composed of a top and a bottom piece.  These pieces resembled women’s regular underwear items: the bra and the panty.  He named this set “bikini” after a venue in the pacific where nuclear tests were tested, the Bikini Atoll.  According to some historians, such naming of a type of swimwear after a venue for nuclear tests is because Reard thought that the excitement that these sexy beach apparel caused was similar to a nuclear explosion.

micro swimwear micro swimwear bottom micro swimwear thong

Variations in the original design

Soon, various versions surfaced such as the Tanga suit also known as string or thong bikinis. Also, tankinis, monokinis, and other types of swimwear were developed by different designers all over the world.  Newer styles and designs were developed to meet various needs and tastes of different kinds of guests.  Some changed the face or style of the top, others changed the bottom, while others conceptualized more creative sets from the regular or traditional style.

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Smaller and more daring bathing suits were also developed since then.  There are sheer and see thru set pieces for those who dare.  There are also variants which were only made smaller to be more daring and ideal for sun tanning.  Really tiny beachwear originated in France.  Designers began to use less and less fabric in designing and making these two-piece bathing suits until bikinis almost became only tiny pieces of fabric and strings.  Some micro swimsuits were even made of see through materials for an ultimately daring swimming outfit.

micro swimwear gstring sheer micro swimwear thong micro swimwear

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